This Article is written by (Mufti) Ismail Ebrahim Desai

5 Great Islamic Finance Career Opportunities:

1. Islamic Fintech entrepreneurship
2. Special advisor to Islamic institutions
3. Islamic Finance Lawyer
4. Islamic Finance designer or marketing expert
5. Islamic Finance content creator


5 Methods of Obtaining Barakah (Blessings) in Your Business/Career:

1. Treat employees fairly
2. Give charity daily
3. Ensure your dealings are Shariah compliant
4. Abstain from Riba and interest
5. Seek the happiness of your parents


5 Rules of Currency Trading in Islam:

1. Immediate possession
2. No futures/forwards
3. No monopolistic gain
4. No delay of possession
5. No excess charged if the same currency or only market value if a different currency


5 Non-Shariah Compliant Financial Instruments:

1. Conventional bank deposits
2. Conventional Indices Trackers
3. Swaps, Futures, Forwards, CFD's
4. Exchange Traded Notes (ETN'S)
5. Bonds and Conventional Fixed Income Instruments 


5 Rules of Islamic Financial Contracts:

1. No Gharar - future uncertainty
2. Fixity and specification - No room for dispute
3. No unfair advantage of one party over the other
4. No unfair conditions imposed by one party over the other
5. No Ambiguity that can lead to a dispute 


5 Great Islamic Fintech Opportunities:

1. Islamic reg-tech for Shariah Audits/Reviews
2. Islamic equity crowdfunding
3. Islamic Robo-investment advisor
4. Islamic retail bond platform
5. Islamic microfinance backed by telcos, search engines, and online stores


6 Great Ways to Raise Shariah Compliant Funding:

1. Mudarabah/Musharakah partnership funding from friends/family and private investors
2. Islamic equity crowdfunding vehicles
3. Islamic family offices/funds and banks
4. Islamic Endowments (Awqaf) and charities
5. Islamic Sovereign Wealth Funds
6. Islamic Capital Markets - (Issuing Islamic bonds/instruments)


5 Great Islamic Finance Business Opportunities:

1. Islamic equity crowdfunding
2. Islamic Robo investment platform
3. Islamic behavioral banking linked to Salaah, etc
4. Halal blockchain platform
5. Islamic venture capital funding


4 Shariah Stock Screening Criteria:

1. No impermissible activities -gambling, etc
2. Debt/total market cap - 33%
3. Cash/total market cap - 33%
4. Interest/total revenue - 2%


5 Easy Ways To Access Islamic Capital Markets:

1. Issue Shariah Compliant Bonds (Sukuk)
2. Partner with family offices, Endowments and investors via private equity structures like en-commandite partnerships
3. Use Crowdfunding platforms
4. Appoint a Shariah banker to access funding from Islamic Banks and Funds
5. List your company on a recognized stock exchange and issue equity via recognized brokers and investment banks