How to Attain Baraka in Business


How to attain Baraka and blessings in our business this is a very important question in terms of attaining Baraka in terms of attaining blessings in our business we all seek to attain Baraka in our business dealings and what is the meaning of what does Baraka mean an Arabic word which is Loosely translated as blessings however the technical definition of barakah refers to number one it refers to growth and increase in other words that there is a particular growth and increase in the person's wealth secondly is that it refers to the establishment or is the Quran in other words that if your business is established if it is firm Etc.


Baraka doesn't necessarily mean that one has continuous growth of one's business it could also mean that you know the business is established and it is not afflicted by any challenges and difficulties the third part of Baraka is continuity in the business in other words sometimes a person could have a business for one year two years and then the business will close so there is no Baraka in that because there is no continuity so if a person has a business for 30 years 40 years 50 years now that is true Baraka because there is continuity in the business so this is a technical definition of baraka.


We as Muslims believe that our risk is ordained by Allah and that every muscle that a person will eat until his final moments in this world is already determined by Allah so we believe that our risk is ordained and we also understand that to earn a Halal income to earnestly compliant income is only a means to an end that is not our ultimate objective in life so this is where the Divergence comes about from Islamic Finance to Convention financed.


When it comes to Islamic Finance we say to earn a livelihood to earn an income that is only a means to Identity it's not the end and objective itself our real objective in this worldly life is to please Allah so sometimes we should not get too sucked up into the worldly Affairs that we also leave out our real objective in this world which is to please Allah so there are a number of methods by which a person can obtain Baraka and blessings the first is through Dua that it appears in the Hadith that nothing rejects except so if a person makes in his business and also it appears in the Hadith that I am according to the opinion of my sleep.


So if we think positively and we make Dua positively to Allah then Allah in our business dealings the second important method to achieve uh Baraka is it appears in the ayat of the Quran that while instructing Musa said to him that seek the Forgiveness of Europe Allah will send plentiful of rain to you so when we make this we seek the Forgiveness of Allah then inshallah through that we will achieve Baraka.


Thirdly is we said Allah says in the Quran that that person who places his trust in Allah then Allah is sufficient for that person so when we place our code in Allah then Allah is the one that will take charge of our office so let us not you know be relying totally on others Etc yes we have to employ the wealthy means this world is not as povertis the world of it is the world of means so we employ the means and then we place our tawakual in Allah the other important method of achieving Baraka and blessings in our business is it appears in the Hadith of Allah says that may Allah have mercy upon that person that he is flexible when he buys when he sells and also when he demands his right.


In our business giving in our financial dealings let us also be flexible let us also be lenient sometimes, for example, a particular person is delayed with a payment or something of that sort then let us be flexible let us be lenient also because such a person who is lenient when it comes to his financial dealings the next important point to achieve Baraka and blessings in our financial dealings in our business Affairs is through the adoption of family ties if we maintain Family Ties then this is a great afternoon source of Baraka it appears in Hadith.


An authentic Hadith says that person who pleases Him to have an increase in his wealth then he should join the family he should make me so let us also maintain our family ties in our free time Etc let us keep our family ties that need not be such that because we have difficulty with certain family members Etc.


Now we lose out on barakah and blessings in our financial dealings it also appears in the eye of the Quran that whatever afflicts you it is because of your sins so we should also stay away from sins and gunas and then inshallah to that Allah will grant us, Baraka, in our dealings so let us also make sugar to Allah if you make sugar then I shall Grant you more I shall Grant you an increase so then this would be a great source of Baraka and blessings in our dealings also it also appears in a Hadith that ass and charity it experience and distinguishes the hadab and the wrath of Allah so let us give charity and also it appears in many ahadis in ayat of the Quran that if a person you know gives charity then it comes back in multiple folds so it could also mean that when a person gives charity then he saved from many challenges and difficulties Etc.


So try and make it a habit to give charity on a daily basis on a weekly basis Etc he states that that he used to you know wake up early in the morning and conduct his business Affairs so therefore it is stated that because of following the advice that he became extremely wealthy that he used to wake up early in the morning and conduct his offense so today you know it is sunnat that a person if he doesn't have work if he doesn't have other other activities or engagements then he should he should so if we sleep early we wake up early uh then you know it appears as an English saying that early to bed early to bed early to rise rise in China so this philosophy also is in the Hadith that rasool Allah that made for the mah for those who conduct the Affairs in the morning the last and most important point is in terms of it appears that when rasool Allah went for the Maharaja went for the Heavenly Ascension then he made three duas to Allah he made three supplications to Allah 17 times daily and Allah made these trees to Allah when he presented himself before the court of Allah during the Maharaja that may Allah you know worship be for you o Allah may all may physical worship you for you and may all by uh may all my monetary worship only before you so upon that Allah responded to the three dwas of rasulullah states that the response was whose monetary worship is only for the pleasure of Allah so therefore if our monetary worship is only for the pleasure of Allah that we are guaranteed Baraka and blessings and we recite the tashahut 17 times so which person can cannot accept the fact and how can we not understand and take cognizance of the fact that Allah himself guarantees US barakah 17 times daily which we decide in our the shahud daily so if our dealings are Sharia compliant then we are guaranteed Baraka and blessings in our financial affairs.


It is extremely important for us to attain Baraka to attain blessings in our financial affairs that we ensure that as far as possible we ensure our dealings are Sharia compliance seek the advice of the government seek the guidance of the ulama on an ongoing basis and inshallah your dealings will be Sharia compliant and you will attain a great amount of baraka and blessings.


I just want to give you one example that comes to mind there was one individual in Malawi which is a country in southern Africa and this individual here two businesses so he said that uh you know for a long time I had you know interest based dealings with financial institutions Etc but it was extremely stressful it was difficult I couldn't you know have peace in my life Etc so he said okay how do I come out of this So eventually after hearing one of our lectures he decided to sell one of the businesses so he sold one business and the other business is fully paid up and and you know it is full fully based on cash so imagine now that this person has freed his life he has a business that is 100 Sharia compliant yes he had outwardly it looks like he has less but he says that my profit has grown almost 10 times although I have only one's business so we think that we have two three four five businesses we're going to make more the reality of it is that when our businesses actually are compliant that Allah grants us more Baraka and more blessings.


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