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Certified Shari’ah Advisor and Auditor (CSAA)


Certified Shari’ah Advisor and Auditor (CSAA)


What is CSAA?

“CSAA” stands for Certified Shari’ah Advisor and Auditor and it’s one of the two fellowship programs offered by the AAOIFI. It was launched in 2006 and currently undergoing a revamping exercise.

CSAA is a professional fellowship in Shari’ah Advisory and Shari’ah Auditing. It is designed to equip candidates with the requisite technical understanding and professional skills on Shari’ah compliance and review processes for international Islamic banks and financial institutions.

The fellowship places greater emphasis on practical knowledge and real-world applications (and exercises) to deliver an enhanced and optimized learning experience.

Objectives of CSAA:

Through the CSAA program, candidates will gain advanced knowledge in:

  • the Shari’ah requirements for different contracts, products, and services used in Islamic finance;
  • roles and functions of various Shari’ah compliance and review processes in financial institutions;
  • collaboration between a financial institution’s Shari’ah Supervisory Board (SSB) and its internal Shari’ah compliance and review processes;
  • mechanism to ensure Shari’ah compliance in accordance to resolutions and fatwas (Scholars’ rulings) issued by SSB;
  • technical review of banking and financial operations to determine Shari’ah compliance; and
  • establishing the foundations to gain stakeholders’ trust and confidence in a financial institution’s adherence to Shari’ah.

Reasons for pursuing the CSAA fellowship

After successfully passing CSAA exam, you will become a CSAA fellow. You stand to gain the following benefits by joining a strong group of CSAA fellows worldwide:

  • prestige by using the title ‘CSAA’ after your name;
  • publication of your name and short profile on AAOIFI website;
  • recognition from IFIs and regulators;
  • boost in career opportunities;
  • preferential rates for AAOIFI workshop, publications, and events; and
  • free online access to AAOIFI standards

CSAA curriculum

The CSAA curriculum comprise of the following:

  • Shari’ah standards from SS 1-48 (as listed below); and
  • Shari’ah governance standards GSIFI 1-4

The list of AAOIFI Shari’ah standards (1-48) included in the CSAA program are as follows:


The list of AAOIFI governance standards (1-4) included in the CSAA program are as follows:



Eligibility criteria for CSAA registration
Registration to the CSAA program is open to all. However, CSAA fellowship will be awarded to only those who have, at minimum, an undergraduate degree / professional qualification.


CSAA examination


Fees and discounts: 
The CSAA noraml Fee is USD 1200. The fee is inclusive of the registration fee, a study text, a mock exam, an examination sitting, and the CSAA certificate fee (including the postal expenses). You can register with us to avail the TAIF Group discount: 

Discount Fee through TAIF NON-GCC Candidates 70% Discount Fee will be USD360

Discount Fee through TAIF GCC Candidates 50% Discount Fee will be USD600


Examinations: The 2024 examination schedule is as follows

Window 1  Payment Deadline Window 2 Payment Deadline Duration (hrs) Formate
25 September 2024

22 August 2024 4 December 2024 2 November 2024 3  Questions (MCQs) and scenario vignettes