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Certified Sharia Auditor (CSA)

CSA at a glance

2023 CSA launched 4 Modules 1 year practical experience requirement (PER) 325 hours of self-study required, at minimum 65+ Registration and examination centres

CSA is a fellowship program to develop human resource for Islamic financial institutions’ internal Shari’ah audit, external Shari’ah audit, and Shari’ah compliance functions. The primary objective of the program is to equip candidates with the technical knowledge and professional skills required to prepare and conduct risk-based Shari’ah audits and compliance reviews in accordance with AAOIFI standards, other international standards and global best practices. The program emphasizes practical knowledge and real-world applications to enhance and optimize the learning experience.


Why become a CSA Fellow?
In addition to becoming a member of our community of 2800+ AAOIFI fellows from 74 countries, the CSA fellowship offers a powerful learning experience and excellent career opportunities.
Powerful learning content

• The program is based on AAOIFI standards which are the result of the industry’s founders’, scholars’ and practitioners’ knowledge, experience, and wisdom.
• In addition to Shari’ah audit, the program covers accounting,risk management and governance topics to promote multidisciplinary learning.
• By fulfilling the practical experience requirement (PER), CSAcandidates will gain invaluable experience in Shari’ah audit and compliance review activities in an IFI.

Excellent career opportunities

•Regulatory and supervisory authorities are increasingly adopting standards, creating a demand for personnel who can correctly interpret and implement the standards.
• CSA is backed by AAOIFI – an institution which is widely regarded as one of the most influential standard-setting institutions in the global Islamic finance industry.
• Globally, regulators, Islamic financial institutions, professional accounting organisations, and training centers are expected to recognise CSA as a benchmark qualification in Shari’ah audit.

Language: Currently, the program is offered in Arabic.
Eligibility criteria:To be eligible for CSA fellowship, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree or a professional qualification in accountancy and auditing.
Registration deadlines for 2024 examinations: For the March examination 04 February 2024 and For the September examination 22 August 2024
Curriculum: CSA consists of four modules and a one-year practical experience requirement (PER).
Module 1: Shari’ah Standards (SS) - 25%
Module 2: Shari’ah Audit, Governance and Ethics (SAGE) - 35%
Module 3: Financial Accounting and Auditing (FAA)   - 20%
Module 4: Business and Regulatory Environment (BRE)  - 20%
Practical experience requirement (PER)
Duration: 1 year
Place of PER: Any pre-approved institution
Supervisor: Any pre-approved Shari’ah auditor
Deliverable: Submission of periodic and final reports to AAOIFI
Requirement: Fulfilment of Shari’ah audit related work performed at IFIsPlace of PER
Exemption: Provided on a case-by-case basis. Alternative to PER: candidates will be required to submit two 5,000-7,000 word research papers on a pre-approved related topic.


Exemption: Module exemption(s): Exemption(s) are generally offered as tabularised hereunder:

Module Name Exemption criteria
SS CSAA or CSE fellowships
SAGE No exemption
FAA CIPA fellowships
BRE CIPA or CSE fellowships or any professional qualification by a body recognised by IFAC


PER exemption: Criteria for partial and full exemption from PER is as follows:

Partial (6-months exemption) Full exemption
• 3 years of experience ininternal and / or external Shari’ah audit for an Islamic financial institution. • More than 3 years of experience inin internal and / or external Shari’ah audit for an Islamic financial institution.
Fees and discounts: 
The CSA program fees is USD 2,200. The fee comprises the registration fee, four study texts, four mock examinations (one per module), four examination sittings (one per module), the PER fee, and the CSE certificate fee (including its postal expenses).

You can register with us to avail the TAIF Group discount, fill out the forms at  or write to us at

TAIF Discount for Non-GCC (USD770)

TAIF Discount for GCC (USD1430)


Examinations: The 2024 examination schedule is as follows

Module Window 1  Window 2 Duration (hrs) Formate
SAGE 4 March 2024 23 September 2024 3 Multiple Choice | Questions (MCQs)| and scenario vignettes
FAA 5 March 2024 24 September 2024 2 Multiple Choice | Questions (MCQs)| and scenario vignettes
BRE 5 March 2024 24 September 2024 2 Multiple Choice | Questions (MCQs)| and scenario vignettes
SS 6 March 2024 25 September 2024 3 Multiple Choice | Questions (MCQs)| and scenario vignettes


CSA fellowship: To become a fellow of the CSE, the candidate must:

1. pass all four modules (or qualify for module exemption(s)); 2. earn a passing grade in PER; 3. meet the eligibility criteria; and 4. pay any applicable dues.

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