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Certified Islamic Microfinance Practitioner

Certified Islamic Microfinance Practitioner
Start your Journey and Master your skills as an Islamic Microfinance Professional.
You already have a conventional finance or economics background and want to understand the key differences between Conventional Microfinance and Development Economics? Do you want to gain applied knowledge in Islamic Microfinance? This course will help you learn both the theoretical and practical application aspects.  
Key Benefits
  • ​Aspiring future Islamic Bankers can gain knowledge to apply for opportunities in Islamic Microfinance Institutions
  • ​Take your place in a growing Islamic Microfinance industry
  • ​Start your own Waqf Fund for your community’s development and self-sufficiency



Language: English

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Course Code Certified Islamic Microfinance Practitioner

This course’s primary purpose is to introduce participants to the concept of Microfinance as an effective tool for social mobilisation, poverty alleviation, and communal self-sufficiency. It will also cover the historic references and the need for microfinance in the current day economic scenario. Our aim is to familiarise participants with applied knowledge, in theory, and in practice, and to conceptualise in-depth the practical aspects of Islamic microfinance for entrepreneurial/ community finance.


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