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blockchain is simply that it's some kind of software you can think of and it's running in the back end and it's helping something being performed and being executed and that's really what blockchain simply is and it's very simplistic form. Blockchains are not something physical it's not something you can touch but they are purely software they exist in strings of codes.

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If we analyze the word fintech, it is composed of two words abbreviated together you have fin which means finance, and Tech which means technology so fintech is really about financial technology or the union and the bond between finance and Technology but the question is today's Banks the financial firms and financial services all of them use some form of technology and why is it so much emphasis on fintech as a separate sector why aren't the traditional Services being called fintech services and that's really the question.

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The impact of Global inflation on Sukuk issuance

What are the expected scenarios for the coming period for the Sukuk market in light of the current climate of uncertainty on the global scene, which of course will have the most impact on financial decision-making in the coming period?

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Islamic Sukuk /  Bond

Five major differences between Sukuk/Islamic Bonds and conventional bonds:

1. The Sukuk units are backed by physical assets.
2. Maturity is linked to the underlying project.
3. The Sukuk prospectus is Shariah Compliant as certified by the Shariah Board of Scholars.

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Islamic Finance Industry - General knowledge
  1. Great Islamic Finance Career Opportunities
  2. Methods of Obtaining Barakah (Blessings) in Your Business/Career
  3. Rules of Currency Trading in Islam
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