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Blockchain is the underlying software technology and then you have the different nodes which are which refers to the peer-to-peer network of computers and as the network is validated or the nodes are valid are validated then a new block is created and that new block is now formed as part of the blockchain then this transaction is is com is concluded and complete, this is how a crypto transaction takes place

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P2P lending for what's known as peer-to-peer lending  P2P for short it's also known as crowd lending and there's many terms and to be honest the area of crowdfunding has depending where you are in

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Finance is a broad term it describes activities associated with banking credit Capital markets Investments leveraging all these different areas finding the word Finance covers and to make it even simpler you could say that Finance is all about managing money in the proces

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Crypto assets can be used for currency it can be used for tokenizing assets, it can be used to record data they're completely valid for me it doesn't really make much sense if we say it doesn't exist because we're 

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The kind of understanding that we've had previously is money currency has to have physical nature. Many assume that gold is the currency of Islam which is not true gold is not the currency of Islam but

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We can now begin to see more and more deployment of blockchain more and more use of blockchain so for example uh in the Islamic fintech space there is a company which is using blockchain to launch work projects so the work process end-to-end work is being managed on the blockchain the assets you know the traceability the recording the governance the distribution

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